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Sep 2018

God Cares, Part 2

Jesus can transform people. That transformation acts as a testimony to who God is. Things that God does in our lives can also be used to change people around us and generations to come. This means that our lives don’t only affect people now, but people in the future. Ask Jesus to use your life as a testament to Him. This can inspire people in generations to come. Text: Acts 3:1-16

Sep 2018

God Cares, Part 1

Are you finding life to be too hard? Analyze the burdens that you are carrying. What things are you carrying that you shouldn’t be? Ask God which burdens to turn over to Him. God wants you to trust and rest in Him. Have trust in Jesus; He will see to the things that you can’t. Text 3:1-16

Aug 2018

Peter Restored, Part 2

Some may come to Christ ashamed with zero confidence. We are all unworthy of His grace, yet, He offers it anyway. Christ will accept anyone who asks for Him. Peter didn't deserve Christ's blessing after denying Him three times. Even so, Jesus rose from the dead, met with Peter, and asked him to continue in the work that He had for him. We learn from this that Jesus wishes us to seek Him and spread His Good News even though we are not worthy. Text John 21:1-19

Aug 2018

Peter Restored, Part 1

Peter denied knowing Jesus three times. The night before this had happened, Peter had bragged that he was the greatest follower of Christ.  After the denials, Peter was ashamed and heartbroken. When he was reunited with the resurrected Jesus, Peter felt unworthy and couldn’t honestly tell Jesus that he was willing to die for Him.  Only with the grace extended by Jesus could Peter continue the work Jesus had for him.  Peter was to shepherd God’s people. John 21:1-19

Aug 2018

Jesus Brings Restoration, Part 2

After Jesus banished the demons from the demon possessed man, the people of the town nearby were frightened and asked Jesus to leave. Pastor Tom teaches us today, that Jesus didn't give up on those people. We learn that Jesus left the man, from whom He'd banished the demons, behind so that the man could share his testimony. And he did! This shows us that we too, are to share our testimony with all who we can. Go out each day willing and ready, to share with others what Jesus has done for you!  Mark 5:1-20