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Feb 2019

OE3 Seeking the Lord Changes My Life, part 2

God wants us to bear fruit, lasting fruit.  You bear fruit every day, but kind are you producing? You can try to produce fruit on your own or you can abide with Christ and let the Spirit produce fruit in you. When you seek the Lord, He can transform your heart and life. When that happens, good fruit of the Spirit comes naturally. Text: 2 Chronicles 34:1-7

Jan 2019

OE3 Seeking the Lord Changes my Life, part 1

The Lord speaks to us and prompts us in this life so that after we leave this earth, we won’t have regrets. Are you aware of these promptings of the Holy Spirit? God, in His mercy, intervenes in our lives. He is not content for you to stay where you are because He has more than you can imagine for you. Seek God’s presence daily to give room for Him to work through you.

Text: 2 Chronicles 34:1-7

Jan 2019

OE2 A Heart for God Changes Everything, part 2

Do you struggle with feeling insignificant when it comes to the things of God? David was the forgotten son in our story but had an obedient heart. Jesus was considered to be irrelevant by many of the people that He encountered. Yet, He continued in the work that God had for Him. God doesn’t look at you like the world does, He looks at your heart. He has in the past and still uses the things despised by the world for His glory. An obedient heart can do significant things in God’s kingdom. Text: 1 Samuel 16:1-13.

Jan 2019

OE2 A Heart for God Changes Everything, part 1

When our heart is right with God, we want to listen to His voice, submit to the Lord, and do His will. To seek God means to want to hear and obey His voice. What have you missed out on in life because you chose not to obey God? It is easy to give into fear, insecurity, and doubt. To overcome these, you must trust God. Fear only prevents you from moving forward in the kingdom of God. If your heart is seeking the Lord, you will want to listen and obey even when fear threatens to overtake you. Text: 1 Samuel 16:1-13.

Jan 2019

OE5 The Wisemen: A Journey of the Heart, part 2

We don’t know what God’s plan is when He calls us. The call could be simple or hard, but we don’t know where it will lead. How is the Lord breaking into your life and coaxing you out of your comfort zone?  God will meet you where you are and won’t ask you to do something you are not ready for. But as you begin to follow in obedience, He will take you to places that require deeper faith. Getting there will cause you to face your doubts and fears, but as you do, your trust in God will grow. You will find that seeking God will result in a complete and joy-filled life. Text: Matthew 2:1-12