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Jun 2018

LOC Radio Whose Kingdom are you Building? Part 2

What we build on in this life determines what reward we’ll receive in the next.  If you’ve trusted in Christ as your Savior, your eternal destination is secure, but Scripture clearly shows God will reward us for what we’ve done with what He’s given us here on earth.  Today Pastor Tom teaches that if we build our own kingdom, it’s like building out of straw and in the end, it will burn up and there’ll be nothing left.  Reevaluate your life today-how are you investing what God has given you here?

May 2018

Whose Kingdom are You Building? Part 1

Have we become so absorbed in the world that we’ve forgotten who we are in Christ?  In today’s passage, Paul reminds the Corinthians who they are and encourages them to look up and focus on Christ.  When we do this, it humbles us and brings us to repentance, as we’ll hear from Pastor Tom today. If we remain immature spiritually, we only build our kingdom, but when we become mature in the faith, we start building God’s kingdom.  Is your life characterized by a desire for worship, reading God’s Word and prayer?

May 2018

Being Rich Toward God, part 2

What keeps us from having an eternal focus and a deepening relationship with God?  Our daily lives are bombarded with messages of instant gratification and the here and now.  Satan will do anything he can to deceive us into thinking right now is what’s most important, as we’ll hear from Pastor Tom today.  Satan knows if he can distract us with what the world has to offer right now, our focus won’t be on kingdom work.  Pray for God to give you His perspective so you can live with eternity in mind.

May 2018

BHR Being Rich Toward God Part 1

Did you know that the word hypocrite originally means a stage actor or pretender?  We don’t like to think of ourselves as ever being hypocrites, but if we put on a mask in relationships and pretend to be a way we aren’t, then we’re guilty of this.  Today Pastor Tom teaches that it’s dangerous as a Christian to pretend to be somebody we’re not.  If we want to grow in the character of Christ, we need to expose our weaknesses and be transparent with each other.   When we bring things into the light, God can then bring healing. 

May 2018


Have you considered what a gift the body of Christ is?  If we were left in isolation once we came to know Christ, this life would be very discouraging and empty.  But, God in His grace, has given us each other to help along this journey.  Today, Pastor Paula shares how each of us has weak points and blind spots that other trusted believers can reveal to us.  The purpose of this is not for condemnation, but for repentance and growth.  Let’s keep these relationships real, vulnerable, and full of grace.